Open letter to the University: an interview

“Dissatisfied.” “Tired.” “Need Consistency.” These are all comments written on a University of Edinburgh Student Experience padlet wall created by Camilla, an MSc student. She arranged and co-wrote a recent open letter regarding the COVID-19 pandemic addressed to the University of Edinburgh.  A few weeks before, she had posted in a postgraduate Facebook group about […]

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Update: Open letter to the university yields real results

Following her successful open letter to the University of Edinburgh regarding mental health provision at university, Emma Penney tells The Student of the real change that is being affected. Since the publication of my open letter on mental health, I have been thrilled by the response from students and the university. Andy Shanks, the Director of […]


Should parents be informed of their child’s welfare at university?

Parents have a right to know whether their children are suffering. From mental health issues to difficult relationships, from glandular fever to ludicrous flatmates – parents have a right to be informed and to support. However, they need to be able to step away and to take the back seat at times. University is a […]


How important is sport for our welfare at university?

From an early age, children in Britain and in many other areas of the world are encouraged to stay healthy and take part in sport. Yet as we get older and come to university, participation in sport often dwindles. Everyone has their hobbies, from football, to painting, to board games. Sports are not everyone’s cup […]