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Soc in the spotlight: Contemporary Arts Society

The Contemporary Arts Society is a brand new addition to the broad spectrum of creativity-embracing organisations in Edinburgh. The society’s President, Holly, and Vice-President, Frankie spoke with The Student, giving…

Irvine Welsh and Robert Carlyle host talk, ‘Grim, nasty, and fun – Begbie’s back!’

Irvine Welsh and Robert Carlyle: ‘Grim, nasty, and fun – Begbie’s Back!’ was recently hosted by Usher Hall as part of their Book Festival. Although Edinburgh’s Book Festival is usually…

Jane Tulloch’s Talk at Blackwells

Jane Tulloch, who has recently published her first novel, ‘Our Best Attention’ delivered a talk this week. Taking place at Blackwell’s, it was hosted in conjunction with ‘Edinburgh: City of…