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Embracing vulnerability: reimagining masculinity in Scottish fiction

The 2021 online edition of the Paisley Book Festival has managed to be as magical as last year’s in-person events. The Festival is in its second year and has been developed as part of Future Paisley: a radical, wide-ranging programme of events and activities that make the most of the town’s unique and significant cultural […]


We need to talk about Justin Timberlake’s “notes app apology”

Since its release, the internet has been gripped by The New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears, which details the rise, fall, and rise again of the iconic pop star. The viewer follows Britney’s journey as a young starlet on The Mickey Mouse Club, to a hyper-sexualised teeny bopper, to a shaven-head woman at her […]

Lifestyle Wellbeing

International Men’s Day 19th November: why do we have it?

What do you think, when you hear the term “gender equality”? Society programmed us to often directly refer to women rights, but we should always keep in mind that gender equality involves both sexes. When we speak about depression, mental illness or simply coping with stress, historically men were often characterized as “the tough ones” who […]


The outrage against the Gillette ad only points out its relevance

In his flustered, vitriolic, testerical response to Gillette’s new advertising campaign, Piers Morgan has shown himself to be a far bigger snowflake than the millennials he loathes. The advert was released on 13 January, and the controversy that has so far arisen only goes to prove the point that the ad is making. In times […]