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The secret of manifestation: how to get exactly what you want

ByMaya Sargent

Oct 19, 2020

I remember a period of time in lockdown when the word ‘manifestation’ was taking over TikTok and probably still is… (I wouldn’t know, I’ve finally deleted the app, I promise?!)  There were so many videos about people trying manifestation and documenting their findings online. Subsequently, the word has started to creep into our everyday language for the young. Even though the word seems to have originated from the app we all loved too much… there might actually be some great benefits to the concept of manifestation, especially in today’s current climate. So, how can we define manifestation? And how can we transfer these ideas into our everyday lives as a way to focus our inhibitions and inner thoughts? 

The response to manifestation can often be rather skeptical. Whether that’s due to the concept itself or whether it’s because we have recently associated the word with all too raw memory lockdown life…. there are actually wide-reaching benefits to the practise, especially during times of uncertainty and unpredictability. 

Manifestation is about turning your inner thoughts and feelings into physical reality.  It involves tuning into your brain and concentrating all your energy on responding to that feeling. At its core, manifestation has very similar values to yoga and meditation, which have grown exponentially in popularity in the last couple of years. As mental health has become a more frequent topic in societal conversation, professionals have suggested these practises allow individuals to understand what is going on inside their brains and how to better manage issues.  The practise involves repetition and focus – so what is so different about manifestation? For those more receptive to information when they see it, manifestation’s visuality can be really beneficial and consequently more productive.

Manifestation has also been favourable purely because it involves solely focusing on a few goals or a few feelings. Once you have been able to identify and prioritise your tasks, it enables you to place all your energy and time into those things. Manifestation allows you to centre your mind and categorize your desires, making them easier to obtain. 

I’d like to think that manifestation could reach the same level of importance and regularity as yoga or meditation. It is a way to manage and understand our own thoughts and document them, with the benefit of being able to look back in hindsight and track our progress. In a world where our brains are consuming incredible amounts of information every day, we are rarely given the opportunity to be at one with ourselves. Manifestation allows you to succumb to the chaos of thoughts inside your head and prompts you to structure them in a way that will warrant success. And although I have yet to find the ‘secret’ of manifestation, one of its benefits is that it is completely personable and individual so I like to believe you cannot do it wrong. In these current times, during deadline season and this confusing pandemic, that is one of the most comforting sentences a student can hear. 

Image: Pexels via Pixabay