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Vitamin B12 – the vitamin to revolutionise your energy levels

ByTia Byer

Jan 19, 2020

A vitamin seems like a cheat way to become a more energetic and lively individual, but B12 truly is the hack that any busy, on-the-go student needs. It can improve your energy, focus and most importantly your productivity. In other words, this vitamin allows you to become the morning person you always dreamt of becoming.

Available over the counter at Holland and Barrett and coming naturally in green vegetables and other protein rich foods, there is now a B12 patch that releases the vitamin into the bloodstream. So what are the benefits of B12, and how can we incorporate it into our diet? 

B12 plays a vital role in boosting your body’s energy levels by aiding the production of red blood cells. This in turn reduces the effects of anaemia which leaves you feeling tired, sluggish and weak. That means no more falling asleep in the 9 am lecture, or downing the twelfth cup of coffee. Increased blood cell production also aids our nervous system, whereby B12 causes the fatty sheath known as ‘myelin’ to grow and protect nerves. 

Perhaps the most useful B12 benefit for students is the ways in which it can improve memory. When you’re hitting the books, or working round the clock to finish them revision notes, there’s no denying that the ability to retain information is a key factor in achieving academic success.

Research shows that one of the leading reasons for poor memory performance is B12 deficiency. So give your memory a much need boost with a daily B12 supplement.

Incorporate B12 into your morning vitamin routine by investing in a pot of B12 capsules. Averaging at around £4 in most pharmacies and health-food stores, the easy-to-swallow tablets are a great way to kick-start the day. Take one first thing every morning and combat fatigue throughout your library sessions and back-to-back lessons. 

For the more adventurous, why not try the B12 patch? Resembling a nicotine patch, this latest form of vitamin supplement lasts for 24 hours and soaks into the skin to improve your mood and energy.

Or, simply follow the old-fashioned route in incorporating B12-rich foods into your weekly meal-plan. Animal products such as meat, eggs and milk contain B-12, and for veggies and vegans the vitamin can be found in almond milk and cereals.

Taking a vitamin is far better for you than cramming in as much caffeine or ProPlus as possible, and incorporating it naturally into your diet means that you don’t even have to break the bank or change-up your daily routine. A sure fire way to improve your energy levels without the coffee shakes or 9pm bed times – sounds like a win win situation.

Image Credit: Bicanski via Pixnio