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Albums of the Year 2019: When I Get Home -Solange

ByRobert Bazaral

Feb 4, 2020

Solange’s beautiful and tight album about her hometown of Houston is a masterclass of an ode to a home. Featuring many elements of Houston music, such as chop-and-screw, and Houston artists like Gucci Mane, Solange uses short, yet powerful songs to tell a grander story of homesickness and a misrepresented city. At times slow and serene, at other points more direct and abrasive, it is able to capture so much in such a short runtime. It’s nuanced and layered and wholly Solange, making her wonderful voice and storytelling so prominent in this incredible piece.

Image: via Wikimedia Commons

By Robert Bazaral

Second-year Editor in Chief at The Student, specializing in album reviews and opinion pieces on music. IR major and aspiring journalist.