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Lydia Siani

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Bafta Shorts 2015: The Verdict

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Filmhouse held two special screenings of a collection of Bafta nominated short-films, packed within a feature film time slot. Having for the last few years received…

A powerhouse performance from Aniston

Despite a slow start, this film ultimately moves you on such a personal level, that you don’t even really want to cry, as you would in most American melodramas. Instead,…

A look at some of the raunchiest films to have ever been released…

Some critics have complained that 50 Shades lacks the eroticism of the original book by EL James, as it contains no full-frontal nudity, nor any actual orgasms from its lead…

A Most Violent Year

A Most Violent Year, directed by J.C.Chandor (Margin Call, All is Lost) takes place during the most violent year in 20th Century American History, with a record number of rapes,…

The Skeleton Twins – Craig Johnson

Having Blondie’s upbeat song ‘Denise’ as the backing track to a man attempting suicide by downing a bottle of vodka and slashing his wrists in a bathtub does not exactly…

Outlying Islands

With Outlying Islands thought provoking ideas, feminist stance and absorbing plot, it has all the ingredients to be a theatrical success but unfortunately fails to emotionally engage its audience.

An Age Old Problem

Isn’t it time we saw more of the elderly, and middle-aged portrayed on screen?

Wish I Was Here

Zach Braff, formerly known as the dopey lead from American comedy Scrubs, delves into much deeper, more profound territory in this comedy-drama Wish I Was Here.