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Interview: Leo and Sag Design Studio

When I met with the makers of Leo and Sag, an Etsy design studio, I found myself  sat across from two incredibly dedicated and passionate women. Best friends Katrin and Elsa create printables which are not only covered in beautiful typographies but also carry strong, meaningful messages that radically advocate for social equality. Their poster […]

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Edinburgh University Genocide Conference 2018

The targeting of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group with the intent to destroy said group, in whole or in part, constitutes the atrocity of genocide. Today, 24 March 2018, the inaugural Edinburgh University Genocide Conference is taking place, attended by survivors of the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust, as well as the director […]


This Week in History: 14 February 278 AD The beheading of Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day is renowned for being a celebration of romantic love, but its history is  strangely rooted in violent dictatorship. This day commemorates  St Valentine, a high priest in Rome who was executed on February 14, 278 AD, during the reign of Emperor Claudius II: Claudius the Cruel. Claudius often faced a military deficit due […]