Covid testing centre gets positive reviews from students

The Covid testing centres at Pleasance Gym and St Leonard’s Land opened today, and generally students were impressed with the efficiency and sanitation. The testing centres are open until the 9th December and are serving all universities in Edinburgh, including Edinburgh Napier and Queen Margaret University. Students reported that there was almost no queuing time, and 2 metre distancing was easily maintained at all times.

Student Caitlin Mitchell says “the testing was actually very efficient, I didn’t have to queue at all and it was socially distant…all in all I was out in less than 10 minutes. The texts [of the Covid test results] then came through 40 minutes later so I’m impressed at how fast it all was.”

Another student, Caitilin Maguire, reports that “everyone was safe, each station was sanitised thoroughly whenever you were done. Overall, a good system and well organised.”

One of The Student’s own Editor in Chief, Shinwoo Kim, was impressed by the staff, saying “I found the assistants very helpful…and it was reassuring to have an assistant be there to replace the kit should I make a mistake in using the swabs.”

The lateral flow tests being offered to students give rapid results but are not as accurate as the PCR tests offered at NHS facilities. This is why if a student tests positive they will be required to have a further test at an NHS site to confirm their results. All students have been asked to get tested twice before, preferably three days apart, to increase the chances of Covid being detected. However, it is not a legal requirement.

Click here to book a Covid test at the Pleasance Gym or St Leonard’s Land.

Image: Neil Hanna