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‘Dawn Chorus’: a testament to the talent of Jacques Greene

ByErin May Kelly

Oct 28, 2019

Dawn Chorus is the latest LP released by French-Canadian LuckyMe artist Philippe Aubin-
Dionne. It is an immense album, which flawlessly showcases Greene’s ability to manufacture
his sound through a characteristic use of R&B vocal remixes. The album is brooding and
ambient, without sacrificing any of Greene’s characteristic modes of electronic music. The
sophomore album’s opening track, ‘Serenity’, is engulfing, marked by the sound of rave sirens
which echo around the sound of radio chatter. ‘Do It Without You’ is a strong indicator of the
emotional undercurrent which threads throughout the album, each song is infinitely
danceable, but is equally defined by its depth, setting this LP apart in the nature of its
sentimentality. Greene reaches peak groove on ‘For Love’, the track is distinctively the
album’s most dancefloor ready. It oozes funky house drum patterns, and is a testament to
Jacques’ fluent navigation of dance music.

The album is one of his most collaborative efforts yet, with vocal features from
Cadence Weapon and Rochelle Jordan amongst others. ‘Night Service’, featuring Cadence Weapon, places
the club on an altar, an acid-rich narration of the club as an object of worship. This is perhaps
a tired analogy. However, Greene is assured in its delivery, and it works remarkably well.
Additional production from Clams Casino on ‘Drop Location’ is a heavenly amalgamation,
with the distorted style of the former complimenting the new direction of the latter on a hazy,
dark track. Jacques’ music has also transcended ‘club’ music, but Dawn Chorus gives the
impression of an album which would not be misplaced in the grandeur of a concert hall.

Closing the album with ‘Stars’, Greene delivers the listener one of the most
unforgettable tracks of the LP. He exercises a controlled restraint with a constantly building
elation which is framed by glistening synths and the whispered vocals of Sandrine Somé. ‘Stars’ is
the perfect conclusion to an album which can almost be compared to a eulogy, a dazzling
tribute to electronic music. The album must be digested as one, as it travels through layers of
sentimentality, marking a clear evolution by Jacques Greene.

5 stars 

Image: Mathieu Fortin via Spin

By Erin May Kelly

Featured Contributor 

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