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Gilmore Girls: 22 Years in the Life

ByMia Turnock

Oct 11, 2022
Watching Gilmore Girls in bed

“It’s a show? It’s a lifestyle. It’s a religion.” 

It’s finally Autumn – for me (and I’m sure many of you), this means abandoning any and all plans as soon as I see a singular brown leaf to go and watch my two favourite fast-talking coffee addicts. I’m not exaggerating when I say this show has had me in a chokehold for a solid 5 years: 13 year old me wanted to be Rory Gilmore (despite her many character flaws, but that’s a different matter). It’s safe to say I’ve spent more evenings bingeing this show than I care to admit, so I think that makes me qualified to tell you why this show should be at the top of your watch list this season!

“Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals?”

I’m sure part of the reason I made it to uni in the first place is because of Rory Gilmore. She showed me how to romanticise school, work hard and get good grades – all while serving looks and having a perfect boyfriend (not you Dean…). Now, I know Edinburgh isn’t exactly Stars Hollow, but it comes in at a close second! Both supply impeccable Autumn vibes, perfect for coffee-shop essay writing and study dates. So put on your knitted sweater, head on down to your local café and get to work – double points if you’re listening to ‘There She Goes’ by The La’s on the walk there! 

“A little nervous breakdown can do wonders for a girl!”

If I were to describe ‘Gilmore Girls’ in three words, they’d be ‘a warm hug’. It’s not just a show: it’s a comfort blanket. Whenever I want to escape from this world for a while and de-stress, I just press play and instantly I feel better. If you watch this show, I promise you’ll become invested in the whole town – Luke and Lorelai’s “will they, won’t they”, Rory’s love life and, most importantly, the two best characters, Emily and Richard. The warm aesthetics and mellow soundtrack are perfect for a self-care night, just grab your facemask and hot chocolate and you’re sorted. Don’t do a Rory circa Season 5 (real ones know) – look after yourself! 

“A fashion show, huh.”

Part of the appeal of ‘Gilmore Girls’ definitely comes from its iconic fashion. The looks seen in the show and those seen on the streets of Edinburgh definitely have things in common! Like your local Pollock girls, it is rare for Lorelai to be seen without a skinny scarf or cardigan – a staple look for sure. She can even be seen wearing the micro-trend of all micro-trends, a juicy tracksuit in Season 4. However, my personal faves include the many leather jackets worn by Rory, paired with a Lorelai classic, the slip dress. The legendary looks served in this show are definitely a reason to watch!

22 years later and ‘Gilmore Girls’ is still an essential part of so many people’s lives, so why not hop on the trend? Whether you’re in it for academic inspo, iconic fashion or just need to escape from reality for a while, Stars Hollow is the place to be.

Image credits: Eleanor Beaven, with permission.