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Gotta Taste ‘Em All

ByJulie Zaugg

Oct 8, 2014

You probably know that there are plenty of food stalls around George Square, but have you already tasted each of them?

I want to draw your attention to this little green soup van that settles every day in front of Hugh Robson building because I think it is a concept that changes from the traditional fast-food and take-away stalls.

Whether  you are sad and cold, craving  some comfort, or you are just hungry: soup is always the answer. In October 2011, Elaine Mason, who thought that soup should deserve a greater importance on menus, created Union Of Genius: a clever soup bar concept. It was named that way for three reasons:

First, the ingenious way with which the soup is made that makes it so tasty.

Second, the fact of working with their suppliers as a union.

Last, they are proud to be one of the only shops to compost their take-out packaging, which is definitely  an inventive and environmentally-responsible thing to do!

Amy Brewer, a Union of Genius employee, who has been there since day one, said that, “The recipes are at 90 per cent creations.” ‘Caribbean Chicken’, ‘Just Good Lentil’, ‘Caldo Verde’, ‘Bacon Bean Tomato’… You have probably already seen these names written on the blackboard in front of Dumbo. “What’s that?” you may be wondering. Dumbo is the name given to the Union of Genius green van mainly because it was a previous property of the Elephant Juice Soup Company, and it even has its own twitter account (@UoGStreet).

Offering eight different choices of soups each day, the Dumbo van can be found from 11am to 2.30pm on George Square and, trust me, you want to taste it.

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