• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

In pictures: Edinburgh’s first week of strikes

On 22 January, University and College Union (UCU) members of 61 universities across the UK voted in favour of strikes to protest proposed changes to pension schemes. The University of Edinburgh has come to a standstill ever since lecturers, tutors, and administration have joined the picket lines.

Strikes commenced nationwide on Thursday 22 February, executing a total of 14 strike days over a four-week period. Due to its academic calendar, the University of Edinburgh staff strike began four days later, on Monday 26 February.

This week, we sent our photographers to document striking academic staff and understanding students who attended the UCU Rally of Support, Festival of Solidarity, and university-wide picket lines. 

Striking staff singing ‘Solidarity Forever’ outside Chrystal MacMillan. Sara Konradi / Photo Editor


Passionate ralliers outside McEwan Hall. Andrew Perry / Staff Photographer


Strikers enduring freezing temperatures at Bristo Square. Sara Konradi / Photo Editor


Edinburgh University Rector Ann Henderson’s speech. Andrew Perry / Staff Photographer


‘This is what Applied Anthropology looks like’. Sara Konradi / Photo Editor


EUSA President Patrick Kilduff and VPC Ollie Glick on Monday. Andrew Perry / Staff Photographer


Striker and her child. Sara Konradi / Photo Editor


‘I support my striking lecturers’. Andrew Perry / Staff Photographer 


Bristo Square. Andrew Perry / Staff Photographer


Coming together. Shannen Tioniwar / Staff Photographer


Drag queen George Tasda at the Festival of Solidarity. Fernando Mosler / Staff Photographer


Three billboards inside Potterow. Fernando Mosler / Staff Photographer


Dr Suzanne Trill on the significance of UCU student support. Hajira Kamran / Staff Photographer


Festival dances performed by the Edinburgh Bhangra Crew. Fernando Mosler / Staff Photographer


‘Their working conditions are our learning conditions’. Hajira Kamran / Staff Photographer


VPE Bobi Archer at Solidarity Festival. Andrew Perry / Staff Photographer


Union dogs. Sara Konradi / Photo Editor

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