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Kero Kero Bonito surprise with ‘When the Fires Come’

ByCameron Newport

Oct 4, 2019

‘When the Fires Come’ is the newest single from English Indie trio Kero Kero Bonito. With their last album only dropping in 2018 this is a surprise single, however, with the quality of the song it is a great surprise. KKB have shown over their previous albums that they are not afraid to evolve their sound, and this looks like another step in that direction. It has hints of the early KKB sugary bliss in some of the synths and lack of guitar. But it is clearly closer to the sound of their last album. The song also has a serious narrative about the impending risks of climate change. The video for the song was shot on the hottest day of this year in the UK emphasising their message. It may take a couple of listens for the song to catch hold of you but after that, it does not let go. The chorus is very catchy, and the lyrics are surreal at times. If this is anything to go by the next KKB album is going to be even better than their last.

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