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Fringe 2022: Jordan Gray’s Is It a Bird? Review

ByHannah Udall

Aug 9, 2022
Jordan Gray Is it a Bird

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jordan Gray’s Is It a Bird? is a show which combines light surreal jokes and satirical humour simultaneously. 

Jordan Gray’s excitement for life is infectious. During the show I felt as if she was deftly guiding my thought process along a journey, inviting me to see the ridiculousness and hilarity present around us. She purveyed a joy for life and a devil-may-care attitude which was a wonder to be immersed in.

The show consists of songs and stand-up and she switches from one to the other throughout. She is a talented singer and her songs are lovely and entertaining to listen to, being hilarious due to the songs’ topics. The singing is responsive to the space and audience, alive and dynamic as she vocalises in hilarious and creative ways.  One of her acts commented on the modern method of gaining information; reading a headline and immediately believing it despite it being click-bait. She used the social media palaver about a gender-neutral potato head for one of her songs. 

Jordan Gray also talks about what it means to make a joke today. She recounted instances where her jokes have been deemed offensive and then explained why this was ridiculous. One part of the show called the audience to participate in proclaiming the irrationality contained in many religions. At this point, there was perhaps a little less audience participation and a little more fear. This was interesting and invited the audience to think (after the show- I was too engaged during the performance!) about what she had said and the implications of being fearful of discussing some topics. 

The show was anecdotal in parts, and this paired with the intimate venue and limited audience created an encapsulating and captivating experience. The audience feels involved and connected to Jordan. The show makes you feel personally spoken to, without stepping into the space of uncomfortable audience participation. I felt like she read every one of us and performed from there. Each joke consisted of many layers, and it was up to the individual how far into those layers you delved; she didn’t care either way.

The show ends with a proclamation of self-love and positive narcissism; simultaneously inviting each member of the audience to find their own self-confidence and love for life. 

Jordan Gray: Is It a Bird? (16+) is showing at Assembly George Square from 8th-16th and 18th-28th of August.

Press Image accredited to Jordan Gray