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Sam Smith shows maturity on Diamonds

ByTanvi Ajmera

Oct 13, 2020

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It has been said that music has the ability to strike a chord within someone only when it hits closest to home. Sam Smith, iconic English singer-songwriter, is a super-human of sorts as he has the ability to make everyone (literally everyone) relate to the anecdotal experience in his lyrics – no matter if  you’re victim to falling in love with your one night stand, being cheated on, or stuck in the inevitable doom of unrequited love. The high falsetto, rich tones and soulful sound in his voice can bring a chill to everyone’s spine.

While his new song ‘Diamonds’ isn’t one of his slow bangers, the beginning of the song does misleadingly make it seem so. The song showcases his musical versatility, demonstrating that he can rock both slow and sentimental tunes about the sadness brought by heartbreak, as well as loud, empowering bangers like this one to add to your carpool karaoke playlist.

This song is a bit more experimental than his usual work, though, but (sadly) touches similar musical notes of heavily overplayed songs – very similar to Charlie Puth’s ‘Attention.’ Even so, this song definitely showcases Sam’s talent and progression in the musical world.

Image: Robb Cohen via TVGuide