Anatomy: A Matter of Life and Death

Anatomy: A Matter of Death and Life is a must-see this autumn. From charms to life masks, this exhibition explores the relationship between science and art through the history of dissection.Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci would often use people as the subject matter of their artworks, because in order to depict a realistic presentation […]


This week in history: William Burke was executed on 28 January 1829

William Burke, alongside William Hare, committed a string of murders in Edinburgh through the 1820s. Burke and Hare were both graverobbers, selling bodies to anatomy teachers for dissection and study. They then turned from robbing graves to murder and sold the bodies of 16 known victims before being discovered and arrested in November 1828. Burke […]

Science Science

New study finds blood vessels passing through ‘solid’ bone

As a species, humans understand a lot about their own physiology. Right down to the microscopic scale, we can describe systems and components that affect our health and wellbeing. And yet, even with all of our knowledge and the amazing rate of current medical advances, we are still unearthing completely novel elements of human anatomy. […]