Behind Edinburgh’s Creepy Letters: Sinister or Sensationalist?

Many students are drawn to the University of Edinburgh by the beautifully undulating cobbled streets, picturesque medieval spires, and age-old traditions and history. The same sights which inspired J.K.Rowling to base the enchanting tales of Harry Potter within the confines of the city. For many who live and study within its walls, those tales of […]

Fringe Theatre

‘Intelligently devised’: If You’re Feeling Sinister review

The 1996 sophomore album from Glasgow-based cult indie-art band Belle and Sebastian, If You’re Feeling Sinister, has been heralded as magnificent by legions of fans since its release. Now, with a minimal plot weaved within it, it has been presented as an unremarkable theatre piece.  Kid (Sarah Swire), a lost youth, and Boss (Alan McHugh), […]