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The BBC faces oblivion

When was the last time you watched television? I don’t mean “when did you last watch nondescript streamed content on a large screen?” I’m talking about linear, live, terrestrial TV. If you’re anything like me, or seemingly a large chunk of the population, I’m willing to bet that you’ve not sat down and watched anything […]


Normal People

The story of two teenagers falling in love and maintaining an on-off relationship over a number of years doesn’t sound particularly fresh. What’s that? Their affair bridges a class divide? Mental illness and familial abuse are amongst the issues dealt with? At first glance, the themes included within Normal People might seem interesting if a […]

Culture Literature

Introducing: Sally Rooney

Earlier this year, when The Times review of Irish writer Sally Rooney’s second novel deemed her ‘the first great millennial author,’ the term ‘millennial’ wasn’t loaded with any of the disparaging or pejorative connotations it usually is. This labelling of the 27-year-old, and the transfer of authority to her and her understanding of the psyche […]