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Review: The Midnight Club

It is October, which means I am once again reviewing another Mike Flanagan horror show on Netflix. This time, The Midnight Club, is a show based on the novels by Christopher Pike about teenagers with terminal illnesses who live in a hospice facility designed to allow them to die on their own terms.  The show […]

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What Makes a Halloween Film?

What is the true essence of a Halloween film? What makes a film so intrinsically linked to this time of year? Whilst Halloween is a season to bask in the joy of fear, the tingling anticipation that arises in the moments just as you know you are about to be scared, the most notable Halloween […]


Autonomous buses in Edinburgh? The future of the transport industry

Your days of thanking a human driver when getting off a city bus may be coming to an end. This week The Guardian reported that the UK’s driverless vehicle initiative will result in autonomous buses in Edinburgh as early as next year. The trial of driverless vehicles will be launched in Edinburgh and London, with […]