Film Reviews Waiting for Valentine's

Marley & Me: Review

To build up excitement before Valentine’s Day, why not make some popcorn, grab your favourite blanket, and enjoy watching the daily life of a mischievous and cute little Labrador retriever? In case you’re wondering, Marley was indeed a real dog and he belonged to John and Jennifer Grogan. Based on a 2005 bestselling book, the […]


The bitter reality at the heart of Valentine’s Day Chocolate

On the 14th, supermarket shelves will be piled high with heart-shaped chocolates and truffles, but few consider the darkness at the heart of chocolate production. The bitter reality behind these sweet treats is that the chocolate industry is propped up by child labour and slavery. At a time when people are expressing love and care […]


Why I hate Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The season of tacky decorations slapping you in the face every time you walk through a shop door; low-budget hallmark rom-coms clogging up the TV guide for weeks on end; and adverts bombarding us with enough reminders that even the most absent-minded of boyfriends […]

Culture Literature Waiting for Valentine's

Geoffrey Chaucer and the Legend of Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day incoming, I turn to Geoffrey Chaucer—a man whose work is loved and hated in equal measure—in search of some clarity on this franchised holiday. The works that spring to mind when contemplating the so-called “father of English literature” are The Canterbury Tales, which have arguably pained the high school reader for decades. […]

Culture Theatre Waiting for Valentine's

Theatre Shows To Watch With Your Beau

With theatres reopening and Valentine’s Day just ’round the corner, there’s no excuse to not be heading to the stage. The arts have had a difficult few months. With several shows having to cancel productions, there is no better time than the present to support live theatre! There is a LOT to look forward to […]

Art Culture Waiting for Valentine's

The Perfect Valentine’s Date for Art Lovers

For those who are looking for a different kind of Valentine’s As Valentine’s day approaches, there is perhaps no better date spot than the classic museum excursion. Gazing dreamily into each other’s eyes while looking at beautiful paintings and photography is both super romantic and a great way to make sure you have something to […]