Armie Hammer – a cannibal?

Armand Douglas Hammer, also known by Armie, actor, both of the Winklevoss twins, and grandson of an oil tycoon; has been denounced as a cannibal. He has received backlash for his exposed alleged DMs with women where he expresses cannibalistic fantasies. All of this has come with a more concerned layer of criticism in the […]


Jamaica 50: plans for deportations of Black Britons continue as Windrush scandal is invoked

Content Warning: anti-Black immigration policies and deportation The Home Office planned to deport up to 50 Black British people (termed the ‘Jamaica 50’) to Jamaica on 2 December. On the day itself, 13 people were deported as last-minute legal intervention prevented 37 people from being deported on the grounds that they were ‘victims of modern […]