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Take a Break: four relaxing routes to consider during the revision period

ByPeiyi Liu

Nov 25, 2018

Winter is here, with exam season almost upon us and the list of deadlines ever increasing. At this time, it is more crucial that we aim for an effective and productive revision process as well as strive for excellence. To maximise our potential, it is always necessary to take a short break after a long time of studying, and usually, things will be clearer when you are fairly relaxed and calm. Here are four enjoyable routes to explore when you need a break.

The route of nature

Around this time we may be spending more time at the main library but we must not ignore the importance of being physically active. This route is elegantly simple— get away from your study desk for a while, pick up your coffee and snacks (e.g. nuts), and get close to nature. As Kant pointed out: “The enjoyment of nature is the mark of a good soul,” either go to George Square Gardens, to share your nuts with those adorable squirrels, or go to the Meadows, sitting in a park chair, observing how flexible and changeable those clouds are. Sometimes you might meet a lovely puppy who jumps up as if he wants to high five with you, this can truly cheer you up! If it is a day full of sunshine, you can finish your readings under a tree, and you will realise that in this way, with fresh air you even promote study efficiency.

The route of freedom

Visiting the National Museum of Scotland on purpose— directly climbing up to the roof terrace on 7th floor, seeing spectacular panoramic views of the city, there is also an inspiring motivation to see the magnificent McEwan Hall from such a high perspective.

The route of energy

Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Especially on these windy and cold days, we shall promptly get warm food. Union of Genius is a soup café near George Square campus. The café has six options of soup one day, with at least four options suitable for vegans or vegetarians. More importantly, they advocate a sustainable lifestyle, by only using locally grown and seasonal ingredients, and providing compostable containers for takeaway. What makes you feel like tasting a heart-warming soup is that the café insists on doing charitable things. They donate 150 litres of soup every month to charities, and customers can buy a soup or coffee for someone who cannot afford, while the staff will hold it until it is needed.

The route of aesthetics

This would be a worthwhile long adventure, starting from Water of Leith Walkway, Dean Village Entrance, to go for a peaceful stroll to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. From Matisse to Picasso, these aesthetically great works definitely will motivate your imagination. At the end of the journey, bear in mind this phrase as it presents from the gallery’s neoclassical building: “everything is going to be alright.”

Image: Peiyi Liu 

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