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The Swallowing ‘Intrepid’ by Pinegrove

ByJo Higgs

Nov 14, 2017

Rating: 5/5 stars

After their acclaimed 2016 breakthrough album Cardinal, Pinegrove left us hungry for more of their country and emo-tinged brand of indie-rock; we remained ravished with this painful starvation until they unleashed their unannounced new single ‘Intrepid’.

The band slip right back into their characteristic sound that so powerfully supports the beautiful and addictive song-writing style of Evan Stephens Hall: jangly guitar lines, synchronised bass and drum parts and glorious swelling melodies.

Hall’s clever lyrics, as always, hit their mark in their being hilarious, intelligent and simultaneously sweet: “Take a rectangle, untangle your head”.

The highlight of the tune comes in the form of what regular viewers of Pinegrove’s YouTube channel will recognise as ‘that good middle’: a climax near the halfway mark that sees a dynamic lift and an incredible display of Hall and Nandi Plunkett’s very different vocal styles playing off each other with gorgeous harmonies.

As yet no album release date has been announced but with a new single and a tour we can be certain it won’t be far off, and when it comes, it will be incredible.

Image Credit: Richard Petrosino

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