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Tyler, the Creator – ‘OKRA’

ByNicole Lai

Apr 10, 2018

4/5 stars

Tyler, the Creator has made the modern hip-hop scene his playground with his whacky lyricism and devil-may-care attitude. Despite being a departure from some of the soft, gorgeous melodies of Flower Boy (2017), his new single ‘OKRA’ is still full of his trademark spitting beats and flawless hooks.

‘OKRA’ references everything from wealth (“Check my payroll…400k…”), to contemporary celebrities (“Tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me”), to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (“B*tch I’m in Bel-Air, been looking for land”). His snarky wittiness is layered with a refreshing minimalist style – ‘OKRA’ surprises its listener with sweet glimmers of piano amongst a steady bass and snare.

With odd referencing points that are jagged, but welcome, the simplistic backing track shines a spotlight upon Tyler’s vibrant and impulsive verses. ‘OKRA’ is a talented showcase of the rapper’s creativity and imagination, and an anticipation of the many adventures to come.

Image: Incase via. Wikimedia

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