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Your Guide to… Staying gym-motivated after January

ByAsmita Sood

Jan 29, 2016
Image: Natalie Shuttleworth @ FLICKR

January as a month is adored and dreaded in equal measure. While it heralds the arrival of another year, the ‘new year, new me’ state of mind is seldom seen to stay in place after the first 10 days. Even if you give up on that ‘new year’ feeling, it does not have to mean that you cannot pursue that ambitious resolution: to get fit. Here are some ways that can come in handy when you feel that you are wavering slightly away from the road to fitness:

Set a goal: When it comes to pursuing any objective, this is often the most pertinent job. Figure out what fuels your commitment and keep reminding yourself about that. Be it dropping a couple of dress sizes or simply adopting a healthier lifestyle, picture that in your head and do not let the temptations to procrastinate get in your way.

Make the process fun: Relax. A work-out does not need to be the bitter-tasting medicine it is often made out to be. Wee steps like making that special gym playlist full of the latest bangers or getting a caring friend along could end up being very useful.

Keep track of your progress: If you are having trouble staying regular, start keeping a tab on things like how much time you spend working out. On the flip side, if you feel particularly cheeky and take a day out, put that down on paper. Looking at the written proof of your procrastination will make you think twice the next time you want to skip a gym session.

Treat yourself: Stayed focused for a fair bit? Have not skipped a single day in a week? Go do something you find enjoyable. You have earned this! Rewarding yourself goes a long way in restoring dwindling motivation.

Make changes in your lifestyle: Try to mould your lifestyle in a manner that builds your mood to work out. Get adequate sleep to feel fresher during exercise. Being drowsy before and during work-out can reduce energy levels and motivation. Eat as healthy as you can. Making the rest of your lifestyle compatible with your work-outs is bound to bring about a massive positive change.

So there you have it. Now get a pair of running shoes and go workout!


Image: Natalie Shuttleworth @ FLICKR

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