Alleged transphobic graffiti found in Teviot bathrooms

Content Warning: Transphobia, Strong Language

The Student was informed by an anonymous source that the female bathroom cubicles in Teviot Row House were defaced with graffiti and flyers which, it was argued, were expressing sentiments of transphobia on the evening of Friday, 12 October.

The first message read, “The GRA [Gender Recognition Act] has no impact on cis women #bullshit #notoselfID”. The second read “You can be sympathetic to trans-women and still have concerns about #selfID please listen to female survivors of sexual assault.” The graffiti was found in cubicles where the Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s #NoExcuse campaign poster were displayed.

In another stall, flyers were attached to the frame of another #NoExcuse poster. These flyers were published by Fair Play for Women, a group which has been accused of being transphobic by organisations such as Action for Trans Health and Stonewall UK. 

In reaction to finding the flyers and graffiti, The Student’s source said “I was shocked to see such hateful speech being displayed in Teviot. The university’s Student Union [is] a place where all student[s] should feel safe and protected from discrimination.

“It is even worse that the culprit chose to use the #NoExcuse posters as a forum to push their transphobia,” they continued. “As a sexual assault survivor, I was shaken to my core to see these people using survivors and victims as a shield to hide their bigotry.”

This is the most recent example of alleged anti-trans language being displayed on campus, with stickers also found in university buildings during the summer months and again in recent weeks.

A Students’ Association spokesperson said that “the Students’ Association has zero tolerance for transphobia of any kind. Anyone caught distributing these materials or defacing Students’ Association property with transphobic messaging will be reported to the authorities. We would urge any students who find examples of this in our buildings to inform a member of staff who will remove it”.

Images: Olivia R. Nolan

By Olivia R. Nolan

Olivia is the current News Editor for The Student newspaper. She is a second year History and Literature student hailing from New York City.

8 replies on “Alleged transphobic graffiti found in Teviot bathrooms”

It implies that trans women aren’t women. It also states that if the GRA changes, and therefore trans people gain better access to self identification, this will have a negative effect on women’s rights. This is incorrect, unless you believe that allowing transwomen to identify as female will negatively effect cis women, which is incorrect and is a propagandic view being pushed by groups who do not want to allow trans women in their all-female spaces, and thus are transphobic.

That’s because they aren’t biological women and have no business in female only spaces, refuges, sports, prisons etc.

No, that is CORRECT that the GRC is dangerous for women in many ways. Why are you OK with women and girls being harassed, attacked, raped, threatened or worse?? That is the real question here. There is also NO such thing as ‘cis’ so stop using that stupid word. It is offensive, and you are either a misogynist, or a woman with massive internalised misogyny that needs to be checked asap. The ONLY propaganda is coming from TRAs who are literally lying to everyone. Less than 2 percent of the public supports the changes. No one believes any of your crap, but are too scared to speak truth and be silenced by the thought police. You should remember, that no one actually respects anyone when they are bullied and intimidated. The mafia thinks silence equates to ‘support’. It’s a joke.

Don’t worry, the public is massively peaking over all this oppressive Orweillian garbage. Men cannot be women. Deal with it. Keep men out of women’s spaces and keep women and children safe from predators. Women have a RIGHT to this. Trans people already have all the human rights everyone else does. They want more rights than everyone else, and the public is fed up with their narcissistic bullying and fake victimhood.

How did this garbage ever make it into a newspaper?
Transphobic means what to this writer? I need a working definition because after 20 years working in human rights law nothing in those comments appeared even vaguely controversial of thought nevermind actually unacceptable.
For decades students have been drawing on toilet walls. Now you want to turn it into a story?
I’m embarrassed by how students think. Do you get your mummies to bully the lecturers to up your grades too?

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