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Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars: a new decade of exploration

In some rare but welcome positive news, the new rover Perseverance (a.k.a. Percy) safely landed on Mars on February 18 at 20:55 UTC. The rover is equipped with seven cameras uniquely tasked with filming its entry, descent and landing, which allowed NASA to collect over 30 gigabytes of information and more than 23,000 images. If […]

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Nevada legislation could allow billionaires to create local governments

You thought a Biden presidency would mean an end to America’s slow descent into a corporate dystopia? That’s adorable. In his January State of the State Address, governor of Nevada Steve Sisolak proposed a bill that would allow for the creation of ‘Innovation Zones’, in which firms would be able to exert powers comparable to […]


Liberation on a House of Cards: Reflection of a Trans Woman in Academia

CW: Transphobia It is well known that the sciences have a problem with inclusivity. Women are not particularly welcome in engineering and even social science departments remain a hotbed of transphobia. But there is a deeper conflict in how academia shapes your thinking that is not really talked about. Be it the focus on empirical […]


In Australia vs. Google, independent journalism loses

The Australian government is taking on Google. At least, that is how most British outlets have been covering the tech giant’s opposition of the recent controversial legislation, which would see companies like Google and Facebook negotiating deals with news media companies before they can use their content. If negotiation grew stale, then a government-approved independent […]


Biological sex and transphobia: why you shouldn’t side with Joanna Cherry

CW: Transphobia Cancel culture strikes again, leading hundreds of popular politicians and wealthy celebrities to fall face-first into book deals and endless news coverage. Joanna Cherry used obvious dog whistles in the video that led to her sacking, so why is she made out to be some victim of political scheming? Sure, there probably were […]

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All aboard the HYPED train: the future of Hyperloop in Europe

Great man theories of science imagine innovation as something that happens mostly because of a few incredible people. This is true to the extent that it is difficult to imagine a classroom where relativity is taught, and Albert Einstein is not brought up as the mastermind behind the discovery. In reality, many talented innovators often […]

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What can Frankenstein teach us about bad science?

A scientific consensus
is only worth
acknowledging when it
follows a scientific
method, so failing to
replicate or reproduce
data could permanently
damage the authority of