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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

ByAddison Baker

Jan 22, 2018

Previously exclusive to Sony’s Crackle, Jerry Seinfeld’s alternative talk show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has made a highly anticipated appearance on our beloved Netflix screens. It’s been around since 2012 and this quirky talk show has just debuted its tenth season, using the opportunity to migrate from Sony’s online streaming platform to the better-known Netflix.

In the early days of the show, each episode featured a different stand-up comedian or comedic actor following the same simplistic formula; car plus comedian plus coffee yields interesting conversation. Although the formula of the show remains, the spectrum of guests has shifted to include a broader range of celebrities. That said,  the hilarity of Seinfeld’s hosting, and his ever-present sneakers, remains intact.

Jerry Seinfeld, a self-proclaimed car-lover personalises each episode by selecting a vintage car suited to the personality of his guest of choice – whether that may be a vintage Volvo, a limousine or a broken down pick-up truck. Since migrating to Netflix, the 10 seasons have been rearranged into 4 succinct categories of guests, all of which are titled with adorable coffee-related puns.

The unusual structure of the talk show conjures a sense of being privy to intimate, casual chat between three friends – Seinfeld, his opposing celebrity and us, the viewers invited as the invisible third guest. The personality of the show and its lackadaisical simplistic tone also speak highly to the conversational skills of Jerry Seinfeld himself.

In each episode, A-listed celebrities such as Alec Baldwin, Chris Brown, and Christopher Waltz, to name a few, reflect intimately over a cup of coffee on the course of their careers, share unheard anecdotes or brainstorm future plans – all at the hand of Seinfeld’s casual charisma.

Although Comedians in Cars was once described as the “show about nothing” by Seinfeld himself, that has proven to be entirely untrue. It is an, albeit unintentional, portfolio of private interviews and reminiscences of some of the world’s greatest comedic minds, the likes of which the public has never seen. Comedians in Cars is a privileged and masterfully crafted show that is endlessly enjoyable and binge-worthy, thanks to Netflix. Although every episode is as engaging as the last, there are a few episodes that deserve a nod of praise.

In particular, Obama’s guest appearance in the episode ‘Just Tell Him You’re The President’ is perfect for those who don’t have much knowledge of stand-up comedians. Meanwhile, Jim Carrey’s episode ‘We Love Breathing What You’re Burning, Baby’ is a comedic look at the wonderfully weird world of Jim Carrey, and for just pure funny, tune into ‘If You See This On A Toilet Seat, Don’t Sit Down’ featuring Steve Martin.

Comedians in Cars is a must-watch for anyone remotely interested in writing, comedy, acting or just laughing in general. So thank you, Netflix, for spreading the caffeine-fueled craze.

Image: Lisa Ng via Wikimedia Commons

By Addison Baker

Addison is an Edinburgh-based freelance journalist and resident editor of the TV & radio section of The Student, winning the best writer prize in December 2017. She also writes for ShortCom publications specializing in interviews of Comedians. Addison is also a tech supervisor/production manager at Monkey Barrel Comedy and dabbles in stand-up comedy herself.

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