• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Love Island royalty at the Big Cheese

It was the TV show that had us crying over plastic babies, Googling Blazin’ Squad lyrics and spending £18 on water bottles.

Yes, Love Island was the summer sensation where a bunch of total strangers were shoved into a Spanish villa and told to fall in love. It was the show we religiously watched or pretended we didn’t.

Since leaving the island, the stars of the show have been enjoying their five minutes of fame through their classic club appearances and reality show guest spots.

Islanders have been forgotten (which one was Nathan again?), couples have broken up (RIP Alex and Montana, 2017-2017) and irrelevant brands have been advertised on Instagram (Jess, stop with the mattress posts, come on babe).

But the island’s golden couple has stayed strong.

It’s no surprise that the nations favourites, Camilla and Jamie, have spent their time on the outside volunteering in refugee camps, promoting charities and being all-round sweethearts, oh yeah, and visiting the Big Cheese at Potterrow.

We can’t lie, we had high expectations for the pair.

Camilla’s feminist debates, discussion of literature and overall adorable-ness became our favourite part of the show and Jamie has a very nice face.

We hoped they would be as nice in person and boy we were not disappointed.

The night started with an admittedly rather bizarre stage appearance.  They waved, everyone cheered, they kept waving, the cheering died down, they kept waving, everyone started dancing, the waving continued.  It was, however, saved by Camilla putting on some headphones.  Aw she’s so cute.

After the weird stage performance finally ended, the pair headed to the Dome for a quick meet and greet that could only be described as life changing.

We joined the queue, had a quick sambuca shot for courage and wondered whether the four pounds we had between us would be enough to bribe Jamie back to one of our flats.

Our chat, however, took a more wholesome tone.  We praised Camilla for her feminist representation in the show and she was predictably adorable.  Jamie told us that he was enjoying his first time in Edinburgh.  Camilla wished us well for our futures.  It was, in a word, beautiful.

Jamie also hugged us twice and we haven’t showered since.

It’s hardly surprising that out of all the club appearances they could have done, it was the almighty Cheese that ‘Jamilla’ chose to attend.

Between the infinitude of VKs (we recommend Blue) and some of the most iconic tracks of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s, it’s possible that The Big Cheese is the best night out in Edinburgh.

You can also request songs if you shout hard enough at the DJ.  We thought he was cute and really wanted to listen to ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne.

For those of you not in the know, The Big Cheese is Edinburgh Student’s Union’s weekly club night held in Potterrow Dome, specialising in the most cheesy and singable songs from across the years.  Entry £3 before / £4 after 11pm for students.

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