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Nasari’s Afterglow

ByJo Higgs

Mar 4, 2018

Edinburgh’s favourite shoegaze quartet have been constantly on the rise over the last two years since their 2016 formation, however, only recently have they released their anticipated debut single ‘Afterglow’.

The four-minute cut manages to fully integrate catchy hooks that stick in your mind, such as Josh Cakir’s anthemic ‘walk on over’ refrain or the smooth bassline in the pre-chorus perfectly executed by Dave Reed, with really appealing but equally interesting sonic soundscapes created largely by the intelligent guitar and effects pedal experimentation of Finlay McCarthy.

The equally great track ‘Robyn’s Room’ finds itself as the B-side to ‘Afterglow’. It displays further textural guitar work that almost sooths the listener, as well as really allowing Cameron Brown’s tight drumming to come into the light with a solid beat and a barrage of fantastic fills.

Nasari have certainly solidified themselves as one of the most exciting bands Edinburgh has to offer.

Image Credit: Keep The Heid Records

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