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Netflix Pick: Frequency

ByRuth Connaughton

Nov 1, 2016

The electric remake of the successful 2000 film of the same name Frequency is one of the most intriguing series you will have seen in a long time.

The storyline follows a young detective, Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) who finds herself communicating with her father Frank (Riley Smith) via radio at work one day. But Frank died twenty years ago. However, it is at this stage that the plot gets a little more complicated, and so it is not a show to half-watch while checking your phone or you will be entirely lost. Simply put, Raimy becomes increasingly distressed when it dawns on her that she remembers two versions of events regarding her father’s death and has no idea which one actually happened.

There were certain points during the pilot where the acting felt unconvincing, but it improves greatly as the series progresses. The captivating story and an excellent soundtrack makes Frequency a must-watch for anyone.

Image: Global Panorama @ Flickr

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