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Peyton Runquist Reviews The Dollop

ByPeyton Runquist

Feb 15, 2017

It is a profound truth that nothing spices up a conversation like a fun fact. Whether it be during small talk at lunch, a cocktail party or desperately trying to impress your crush, a spicy lil’ fact can work wonders. Thanks to The Dollop, fact hoarding has never been easier.

Providing hilarious and true stories from American history, the podcast stars comedians Dave Anthony and Gary Reynolds, who explore every embarrassing detail of the United States’ history. The Dollop is both professional and conversational, which leaves the listener feeling humoured and satisfied throughout the history lesson. The format simply consists of Dave teaching Gary,  the latter knowing nothing prior of the subject.

Pairing bizarre subject matter with thorough research, The Dollop is a truly enjoyable podcast. Truthfully, The Dollop can be borderline addictive. Some favourite dollops include ‘The Dolphin’, ‘The Girl Watchers’, and ‘Tylenol Man’ (I’d like to note that it was incredibly difficult to limit my recommendations to just three). If you thought you were appalled by the United States now, just wait until you have heard a bit of the history left out of the books. Episodes are produced biweekly, with a typical length of an hour, with the exception of ‘smollops’ which are approximately 30 minutes. However, do not be deceived by the seemingly long run time. Episodes do anything but drag on. With topics ranging from the wild founding story of Coca-Cola, to laws against being ugly, there’s something for everybody.

Every episode is a wild ride from start to finish. The Dollop is endearing, witty, and educational – something few podcasts can truly achieve. Seldom can one find a podcast that can shock, humour, dishearten and uplift you, all in one sitting.

The Dollop is special in its own bizarre and horrifying way. So next time you get the podcast bug, have yourself a lil’ dollop. Once you hear the sweet sweet audio honey that is The Dollop, you’ll never have another painful conversation about the weather or Trump. Instead, wow others with your extensive knowledge of America’s shameful past. Maybe one day this knowledge will score you a hot date or win you a game show – but you’ll never know unless you listen to The Dollop.

Image: Archives Foundation @Flickr 

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