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Podcast Pick: Black Girls Talking

ByBethan Morrish

Sep 21, 2016

This podcast is, unsurprisingly, exactly what is indicated in the title. Alesia, Fatima, and Ramou combine lighthearted humour with important discussions about intersectionality and misrepresentation in the world of pop culture.

The episode that caught my eye (or ear?) was a discussion about the representation of disabilities in the media, stimulated by the negative portrayal of disability in Me Before You and the hashtag #DisabilityTooWhite. They highlighted the importance of media representation, and the naivety of the view that portrayals in popular culture are ‘just’ a film, TV show, book etc. Those representations might well be the only thing that some people see of disability, and is therefore of crucial importance. The large proportion of media attention given to disability is wrapped up in either the right to die, or discussions surrounding abortion. Such negativity could be crushing to the self-esteem of a young disabled person. Whilst this was one of the heavier subjects covered by the women in this podcast, it was still funny and easy to listen to, making it a really great educational experience.

Image: Creative Commons 3; created by NY 

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