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Songs of the Summer 2017: The War on Drugs, ‘Pain’

ByOscar Davies

Sep 14, 2017

The War on Drugs could not have quenched their fans’ thirst for new material in a more heroic fashion. ‘Pain’ is a welcome return to the band’s signature blend of intricate production and Dylan-esque vocals. A spellbinding track that evokes a sense of comfort and hope, ‘Pain’ is a testament to a voyage of personal discovery. Frontman Adam Granduciel’s lyrics document his own realisations, wistfully delivering lines such as “I resist what I cannot change, own it in your own way.”

Long-time fans will not be disappointed by a classic War on Drugs single that makes its mark with a blend of shimmering production and introspective lyricism. It is a song which, overall, encapsulates a sense of hope and wellbeing: building steadily from its reverb-drenched beginnings to a tumultuous fiery lead guitar line. Catch the band at Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom on November 9.

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