Your guide to Euphoria makeup

After eons of waiting, Euphoria season two has finally arrived, along with the familiar trends of crazy outfits and ridiculous eyeshadow. While the rest of you have spent the past two years wearing “normal” and “school appropriate” makeup, the glitter tears simply never stopped for me. Here are my top tips for a bold eye […]

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Review: Euphoria Season 2

The Euphoria season two finale premiered on HBO max and let’s just say the audience reception has been widely varied in response to the ending of the popular series. Euphoria season one was an instant hit, following a reliably successful tv formula: exploring adult themes through high school teenagers. Euphoria had an edge to it, […]


Labrinth debuts Euphoria soundtrack

It is rare that a debut soundtrack arrives with this much aplomb, but Labrinth’s soundtrack to Euphoria is fearless and exploratory, characterising the show with a wide sonic soundscape. The music of the show is integral to its success, and to its incredible portrayal of the trappings of growing up, and even isolated on its […]



Euphoria, the dark HBO drama following American high-schoolers in 2019, has an incredibly hard job to do. After TV shows such as Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why, the genre of teen dramas seems to trademark itself as unwatchable cringe at best, and dangerous misrepresentation at worst. Euphoria, however, is excellent.     To see a […]