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The struggle of becoming a vegan

ByKlara Schmidt

Mar 28, 2016

As a convinced vegetarian, I am proud to say I do not eat animals. However, I have to admit I am feeling a bit hypocritical, as in order to really not make animals suffer, I would undoubtedly have to adapt to a vegan lifestyle.

Every now and again, I enthusiastically throw myself into ProjectV, more or less successfully. The record so far is five weeks, and I vividly remember the beginning of week six. 

I went into Costa for a soya latte, and a raspberry-and-white-chocolate muffin would not stop smiling at me. I am not sure how it happened, but I ate it and my self-discipline kind of vanished from then on. 

When going out for a meal with friends, I could not be bothered ordering only chips or a salad. I craved cheese so badly! And of course… chocolate. Explaining to your friends that you gave up on nutella when you used to be known as ‘nutella-girl’ feels very awkward. Also, money is an issue as a student. 

As a low-budget vegan, my diet consisted of peanut butter-jelly sandwiches, plums, and dark chocolate, which certainly was not healthy. Yesterday I had to decide between chocolate-chip cookies and vegan brownies – 80 pence v £2.90. Guess what I went for…? The struggle is real. 

If you are considering going vegan but do not know where to start, I would recommend veganbuddy.org.uk, and vegancommunity or mercyforanimals are great Instagram accounts to follow. 

I started ProjectV again today. 20 hours in and it is going well! Maybe this time I will actually make it.

[Image: Pixabay @ bykst]

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