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Three of the University of Edinburgh’s best academics receive prestigious Philip Leverhulme Prize

ByBardha Llumnica

Nov 1, 2016

The Philip Leverhulme Prize has been awarded to three Edinburgh academics who have been recognised as a few of today’s top researchers, according to the University’s website.

Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz of Archaeology, Dr Scott Cockroft of Chemistry, and Dr Hannah Rohde of Linguistics are the academics whom Edinburgh has identified as pioneering in their areas of research.

Running since 2001, the award acknowledges outstanding achievements of researchers who have gained international recognition.

The award offers up to 30 prizes of £100,000 across a wide range of academic discipline. It is set to help advance academic research, helping ensure prize winners can further develop their findings.

Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz received the most notable prize, and will now be able to develop his research on the Iberian Peninsula and the Roman Conquest between first century BC and first century AD in north-western Europe even further.

The funding will allow Dr Fernández-Götz to study and analyse former battlefields, Roman military camps and indigenous settlements in Northern Spain and beyond, according to the University.

As he completes his archaeology text on the Iberian Peninsula for the Cambridge University Press World Archaeology series, it is expected to generate debate among academics, according to the same University publication. 

Dr Scott Cockroft, a senior lecturer in organic chemistry, will be able to expand his work on molecular interactions and the development of molecular machines. This prize  will enable him to continue developing research on compounds and carbon atoms.

As a lecturer for Linguistics and English Language at the University, Dr Hannah Rohde’s prize will assist her in enhancing her research into the interpretations of words within sentences, discovering how the listeners interpret these words, comparing it to what they hear.

Image: Boon Low

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