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Rupert Radley

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The Interview

It is quite telling when a film written, directed and produced by names as big as Evans, Rogen and Franco is released on U.S Netflix before it is released in…


Money makes the world go round, or so the saying goes and that is true for Lou Bloom’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) world. Dugout from the murky world of LA, Gyllenhaal’s character…

Cult Column

War is an obsession of cinema; the big screen relishes it, and audiences flock back time and again to watch films about conflict.

Everybody’s Child

Everybody’s Child will teach you that there is a completely different world out there to the cosy campus most students know. In the first fifteen minutes the unsuspecting student will…

Cult Column

Dog Soldiers is the first of Marshall’s films where Scotland is the main theme, much like this week in fact.

The best of the rest

Summer has come to an end, the sky is now constantly grey in colour rather than only occasionally and students are making their way in dribs and drabs back to…