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The Interview

ByRupert Radley

Feb 10, 2015

It is quite telling when a film written, directed and produced by names as big as Evans, Rogen and Franco is released on U.S Netflix before it is released in cinemas in the UK. On viewing however, it does not come as a massive surprise, with The Interview being as predictable, lurid and vacuous as one might expect.

Dave Skylark (Franco) is the easygoing celeb news presenter and Aaron Rappaport (Rogan) is his manager and, in true Rogen and Franco style, best pal. Together they get entangled in a plot to kill Kim Jong Un and along the way, predictably, do some drugs, talk about poop, sex, more poop and The Lord of the Rings. Sadly, there really is not a massive amount more to say about The Interview.

If this sounds uninspiring it is because it is, together Rogen and Franco have not just done this to death but they have also done it better. This is the End proved to be fairly funny, and quite an interestingly put together film even if it was a circle jerk of Hollywood’s most idiotic mates. In contrast, however, The Interview falls flat.

With that all said, there are moments where it sparks and every now and then quite an amusing line is quipped which may receive a laugh.

You may also see a hint of chemistry between the two actors but before there can be any type of ignition the film immediately comes crashing back to reality in a ball of childish jokes which leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Ultimately, what the film feels like is Rogen and Evans decided to set out to direct a film that will outdo what they have done previously and it looked like it might well do it with the humdrum that it caused when it was first released.

In the end, it merely whiffed of the pair trying a little too hard to continue the bromance theme which has served them so well in the past.


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