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BBC Two Review: Morgana Robinson’s The Agency

ByLila Pitcher

Oct 4, 2016

Ever wished you could binge-watch your favourite internet and TV sensations in a guilt-free format? You are served: mockumentary Morgana Robinson’s The Agency, which is here to create the perfect mix between your favourite celebrities, viral internet hits, and 30 minutes of pure entertainment.

Created around impersonator Morgana Robinson’s celebrated talent, comedy sketch show The Agency follows the world of Mann Management, a talent agency led by Vincent Mann (Caan Clerkin) and its renowned clients, all portrayed by Robinson. The Agency invites cameras to infiltrate the presumed life of our favourite VIPs: superstar Adele, inexpressive Cheryl Cole, clumsy Miranda Hart etc. This dynamic pilot presents us with hilarious scenes, such as endlessly excitable duo Mel and Sue’s somewhat creepy cohabitation with Mel’s exasperated husband, or Fearne Cotton’s passionate character giving a congratulatory high-five to her younger self for wearing Doc Martens. However, others slightly miss the mark: for example, the constant return to Natalie Cassidy, whose naïve and optimistic side tends to trigger more pity than hilarity, eventually gets tiring.

Robinson’s great talent for comedy – unveiled through her extensive range of characters – is evident, although we sometimes wonder how much merit can be given to the immense role of prosthetics and makeup. Additionally, the experience could possibly be diminished by lack of familiarity with some stars; while the script itself is enough to amuse, full appreciation would be challenging if you just have no idea who they are.

In a world where celebrities are constantly airbrushed and censored to look perfect, it is greatly comforting to watch their parodied personas unravel and join us in our struggles of daily life. The show and its revolutionary format will please everybody for all the good reasons: it will keep you laughing for days and make you sympathise with your replicated icons; and if you really do not want to admit that you are longing for more reality TV stars, you can always pretend you are in it for Adele.

Image: Egghead06 @ Wikimedia Commons

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