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Jonny Ross-Tatam wins EUSA presidential election with 2508 votes

ByMatt Bugajski

Mar 19, 2015

Jonny Ross-Tatam has been elected president of the  Edinburgh University Students Association for the 2015-2016 school year.

Ross-Tatum won in the fourth stage of voting, narrowly beating his runner-up opponent Theo Robertson-Bonds.

In his victory speech, Ross-Tatum said: “It was an unbelievably good race all candidates.  I think we should give a round of applause, not just for presential candidates.  There were fantastic candidates for all elections.”

He continued: “In this campaign we put well being and student wellbeing at the heart of everything we did and I’m glad that people responded to that.  Thank you very much.”

Ross-Tatam centred his campaign almost exclusively on wellbeing, arguing that it is essential to student success.

He  pledged to take a £5000 salary cut to create a “Wellbeing Fund”, to help students initiate projects to enhance their wellbeing.

Ross-Tatam also called for healthier and more affordable food options, and a revamped and more affordable accommodation system.

He said he would work to allow credits for projects outside the classroom, to make Wednesday afternoons completely free, to expand bursaries, and to make lecture recordings online.

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