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This Is Not a Banksy: BBC Radio 4

ByMax Aantjes

Mar 29, 2016

Alan Harris’ new short radio comedy plays, in a light-hearted humorous way, with the madness of the art market. Sam’s world is shaken up after finding an artwork on his behind from the famous artist Banksy, a souvenir from last night’s ground-breaking party.

His girlfriend decides to make it permanent at a tattoo parlour and that is where the trouble starts. What follows is a ridiculous journey that explores the perks and perils of being a living and breathing piece of art, spiced up with elements of forgery and crime. The well-cast actors drag the audience from the laughable events in public art galleries to even more absurd ones behind the scenes and all Harris needs is just 45 minutes to tear apart a sophisticated art world with sensationalism, witty jokes, and crazy characters.

The show consequently touches on some interesting questions for the art world, whilst remaining more intended for a laugh rather than a critique. Perhaps not as exciting as a real Banksy on your buttocks, but it is definitely an enjoyable piece to listen to.

Image: Duncan Hull

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