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India Flamenco- A Gypsy Tale Review

ByRohini Nambiar

Aug 25, 2019

India Flamenco- A Gypsy Tale is a musical extravaganza that showcases the unity dance brings to the world. The musical follows the story of the arrival of the Romani people in Europe through the medium of dance and music. 

The show begins with a narration, which sets the context of the entire performance. It explains how the modern-day flamenco is a derivation of the various places the gypsies visited on their journey from India to Europe. The show boasts three different dance forms in an hour- Kathak, belly dancing and flamenco. Although all three forms of dance appear very different at first glance, the beauty in this performance is the seamless transition and fusion between the three dancers. 

The musical begins in the Indian subcontinent with a Kathak dancer, Anurekha Ghosh, taking centre stage serenading the crowd with her rhythmic moves and sharp turns in tempo to Indian

classical music. Her vivid expressions capture the longing and hope that the Romani people carried with them. From India, the musical journey moves to the Middle East with Iraya Noble taking the stage. The shift from Kathak to belly dancing is smooth; Iraya is a mesmerizing performer and captivates the audience with her moves. The journey moves further north with a flamenco dancer, Maria Del Mar Suarez bringing the performance to a crescendo. Even though the performance ends with a fusion number by all three dancers, the dancers each embody the authenticity of their respective dance works. 

The small intimate space in Alba Flamenca works well for the performance as it allows for the crowd to feel the passion and emotions embodied by the dancers. The highlight of the showcase comes with the flamenco singer and guitarist who breaks the audience concentration away from the dancing to the live music. The musical would have been smoother if there was live music accompanying all the dancers, and not just for the flamenco number. However, for the intimate venue and price of the ticket, India Flamenco punches above its weight.  

India Flamenco- A Gypsy Tale is the perfect show to watch for people who love dance, music and a fusion of cultures! 


India Flamenco runs till August 25.

Tickets can be found here: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/india-flamenco-a-gypsy-tale

Image Credit: Paúl G. Andreu

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